Position Statements

All Day Everyday Kindergarten

“The Minnesota Kindergarten Association endorses an all day everyday kindergarten program. This program provides continuity and stability in learning, access to equal educational opportunities, and developmentally appropriate curriculum that meets the essential needs of our diverse student population. Class size of no more than 17 is a necessary component to ensure student success”

Revised June 2012

Testing Children to Qualify for the Title One Services

“The Minnesota Kindergarten Association recognizes the importance of performance based assessment when qualifying children for Title One service. The use of standardized testing is not developmentally appropriate or reliable for kindergarten children.”

Revisited June 2012

Early Entrance Statement

Entering school early is a decision that may have long-term effects on children. The potential social/emotional impact on children as they progress through elementary, middle, high school and beyond is not predictable. The Minnesota Kindergarten Association recommends the following considerations for Kindergarten early admission. These are based on research and classroom best practices.

  • Kindergarten is now an academically rigorous program. The Minnesota State Standards place heavy emphasis on literacy, writing and math as well as social and emotional development.

  • The developmental capabilities of your children change as they grow. When performance expectations exceed their abilities, students may become anxious and stressed.

  • A young child who is exceptional and successful at an early age may not maintain academic strength as the work becomes more difficult. Fine motor and application of newly learned skills can be challenging for young learners under the state mandated age.

  • It is important to remember that children who enter Kindergarten early will be younger than their classmates throughout their academic careers. This may influence decisions as transitions are made throughout life (driving, college, sports, jobs).

Adopted June 2012